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Recent legislation such as the Employment Equality Acts (1998-
2007) and the Equal Status Acts (2000-2004) outlaw discrimination
on nine specific grounds (including Disability, Race/Ethnic Origin,
Age, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Marital Status and Family

As service providers and employers, you are facing a range of
challenges as result of this legislation and also because of
increased diversity among your staff/customers. These include:

  • Potential for increased litigation from both employees and
    customers (which can result in heavy financial penalties).

  • The "Cost of Intolerance" which can be manifested in
    decreased profitability, lost customers, reduced market share,
    high employee turnover and low staff productivity.

  • The negative publicity and unwelcome media attention that
    can emanate from insufficient resource investment in
    diversity/equality issues can do long lasting damage to your
    corporate and brand image.

With TW Eagle's team of highly qualified/experienced staff, we will
help you to meet the above challenges and reap the benefits that
come from effective diversity/equality management.
s that come from effective diversity/equality management.
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