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Current legislation such as Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of
1972 that requires gender equity for boys and girls in every
educational program that receives federal funding.
and the Employment Equality Acts (1998-2007) and the Equal
Status Acts (2000-2004) outlaw discrimination on nine specific
grounds (including Disability, Race/Ethnic Origin, Age, Gender,
Sexual Orientation, Religion, Marital Status and Family Status).

As service providers and employers, you are facing a range of
challenges as result of this legislation and also because of
increased diversity among your staff/customers. These include:

  • Potential for increased litigation from both employees
    and customers (which can result in heavy financial

  • The "Cost of Intolerance" which can be manifested in
    decreased profitability, lost customers, reduced market
    share, high employee turnover and low staff productivity.

  • The negative publicity and unwelcome media attention
    that can emanate from insufficient resource investment
    in diversity/equality issues can do long lasting damage to
    your corporate and brand image.

With TW Eagle's team of highly qualified/experienced staff, we
will help you to meet the above challenges and reap the
benefits that come from effective Title IX/diversity/equality
management that come from effective Title IX/diversity/equality
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